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Meet the people behind MyPCOS


Who we are

My PCOS I Love You is an organization made of three strong and resilient women, who found each other on their PCOS healing journey. The three came together and shared their passion about wanting to create awareness and building a community in Malaysia. So, they could improve the lives of women with PCOS. They begin their journey by sharing their hardship and always finding ways to, not only improve themselves, but to also share that information with the other women. 

Disclaimer: These three women are not medically certified, all information on this website is backed up by clinical research materials. It is always best for you to consult your respective doctors.

Photo of three founders of My PCOS ILY.

MyPCOS Core Values


Integrity and Candor

We are committed to our mission and carry out our responsibilities with integrity, transparency, honesty and accountability.



To have the courage to empower positive changes surrounding PCOS in Malaysia.


Duty and Service (to our Community)

To be of service to our community by championing our mission whilst building a community that is supported.


Continuous Learning & Discovery

To relentlessly explore, both scientific and natural ways to combat PCOS and to share key learnings, new discoveries and resources with our communities and partners.


Inclusivity and Respect

To build a community that is diverse and inclusive based on tolerance, respect and empathy.


Creative Partnerships and Collaborations

To instil creative ways to encourage growth and success of our cause by working with like-minded individuals, organizations and partners.

What we do

Through our mission, My PCOS ILY will organize monthly courses, programs, webinar and activities with health professionals that are carefully vetted by the team. For the community, we will support through sharing of stories, updating our readers with the latest findings and research on PCOS. Always providing women with more options to treat and manage their PCOS long term. 


We also work hard behind the scenes to promote PCOS as a key issue within the medical, political and surrounding health communities. This involves activities such as meetings, consultation on projects and media awareness.

Meet the Founders

Portrait Deena.jpg

Deena Marzuki

Co-Founder & President

Social Entrepreneur & Life Coach 

Deena Marzuki come with over 6 years of experience in event management and public relations, she recently graduated from Coach Masters Academy, fulfilling her requirements to be a life and personal coach. She was diagnosed with PCOS at 17 years old, she has been struggling with all PCOS symptoms that included irregular period, bloating, constipation, fatigue, headaches, body issues, hair loss, excessive hair growth & mental health. Over a decade she has tried numerous treatments and found herself dismissed by the health professionals, telling her to lose weight and being called lazy by fitness trainers. She grew up very lonely because she did not understand the causes of her symptoms and hated her body for it. 


Until 4 years ago, she decided to take things into her own hands. She decided to give up all the expensive treatments and medicines, and to try things that she studied from support groups and PCOS book written by doctors all over the world. 


She started her healing journey, one that she had to unlearn most of the things that she was comfortable with. She’s now made it her mission to champion the women with PCOS, to ensure they no longer get trashed by society or even the healthcare system. She wants to be the voice for the women who have been bullied and turned away by health professionals. She wants to provide the proper alternatives to managing PCOS. She is determined that this community will provide exactly that for the women and those who stand with them.

Stephanie Yang was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries back in 2016 during a routine check-up, and despite working in healthcare, she never thought that she was symptomatic of PCOS up until the recent 3-4 years following the birth of her second child. From a thorough blood test, she finally started connecting the dots – she was unknowingly PCOS this whole time – insulin resistance due to flipped ratios, hair loss, fatigue, irregular-and-then-regular menses, and mild hypothyroidism.


Ever since she got involved with the local medical community, and having been trained to understand better about preventive medicine, hormones and PCOS, she realised that the basic bloodworks are not actually enough to paint a clear picture on a patients’ present health condition. It probably forms the basis of what can be seen on the surface but not deeper, like PCOS. It was also in the last 3-4 years that she was seeing/meeting/coming to know more women who had PCOS who were misinformed or misdiagnosed. And that’s when she realised something has to be done about education, awareness and empowerment. 


Education and awareness in the sense that whilst PCOS is a condition we have to live with, but so many other factors in life come into place – it’s always a part of a big pie (or puzzle) that we have to piece together. Lifestyle, stress management is important because PCOS women tend to have higher sensitivity to cortisol production, sleep and diet needless to say. Empowerment in the sense that PCOS comes with anxiety, hormonal unbalances that also bring about “unfavourable” physical appearances and many more, hence the whole reason for My PCOS, I Love You because your body belongs to you and you need to be prepared to advocate for yourself. Don’t compromise your values and beliefs. A wise guru once said “Normal is not optimal”, so don’t be afraid to stand up for what you know is best for your body.


Helping people get their health back on track is undoubtedly her passion but being able to share her experience and knowledge together with others, and at the same time, understand more from others (not just the PCOS women themselves, but their family and friends) whilst providing a hand to hold, a shoulder to cry on, ears to listen to are the support she considers beyond fulfilling and rewarding.

Portrait Stephanie 2.jpg
Dr. Stephanie Yang, PhD
Co-Founder & Advisor

Healthcare Entrepreneur & Women's Health Coach

Portrait Ili 2.jpg

Ili Sulaiman

Co-Founder & Ambassador

Food Host & Entrepreneur

Ili Sulaiman Malaysia's very own bubbly Food Host had everything going for her. Her TV career was picking up after winning Food Hero 2015 and she had just opened her new restaurant in 2016. However, she was struggling with severe anxiety, extreme fatigue and suffered from depression. During this time her period stopped for 90 days and she had gained over 20kg and her hair loss was so obvious that makeup artist had to carry a special black hair spray to cover up her bald patch. A yearly check up with the gynecologist and after some bloodwork, she was diagnosed with PCOS and Insulin resistance. In 2020, after her periods became extremely painful and choosing to see another doctor for a second opinion, Ili found out that she too suffered from Endometriosis and also a Thyroid deficiency. In December 2020, Ili went under the knife to remove her Endometriosis and has since been on Thyroid medication to help regulate her hormones.


It has taken her about 4 years now to really understand what her body needs to heal. There is no one way to manage your PCOS but for as long as you are listening to what your body needs to heal, you are on the right track. Ili practices cooking your own wholesome food at home, she tries to go gluten, dairy and sugar free maybe 70% of the time but isn't hard on herself for that odd doughnut and has incorporated walks and workouts outdoors to keep her moving on the daily and she really believes in the power of meditation to manage her stress. She has since regulated her period, has lost about 10kgs and is living everyday loving and appreciating the lessons her PCOS has taught her. Her wish is for All Women to unite in understanding this disease and talking more openly about women's health.


Meet the MyPCOS Team

The team are made up of volunteers who believe in the cause. They have been committed to the organization from Day 1. We are always looking for more people to be part of the team, if you feel you’ve got something to offer, then just hit us up!

Reza Ramli

Creative & Brand Director

Ikhwan Azman

Head of Production

Qyla Tajuddin

Translator & Super Support

Caroline Augustine

Admin & Social Media Executive

Ahmad Shah

Production Assistant & Translator

Amanda Tan


Collaboration & Partners

Plus Vibes

Mental Health

PCOS Awareness Association (Global)


Daily Muscle

Community Fitness

Diet Ideas

Dietician & Nutritionist

 “Life doesn’t get easier or more forgiving, we get stronger and more resilient.”

― Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free
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